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Infocenter of the student center is located on Plaza level as indicated on this map.


I’m constantly surprised when my luddite friends and family exhibit techie knowledge or show up with techie gadgets.

Last week my 83 year old father in law came to visit. he used his new GPS unit to find the shortest route from his home in Victoria BC to our campus . Upon arrival he wouldn’t get out of his car until he had showed me his new gadget. Except he was a bit upset because his GPS could not find our unit. I tried to explain that it took google maps at least a year and a half before it noticed our new house so the GPS software may take even longer. I don’t think he wanted to believe me.

I hope the GPS software never finds our house.

He set the GPS it on his dashboard and the voice told him which way to turn. It reminded me of something Nora Young surmised about on her podcast, The sniffer. She wondered if google was making us dumb.

At first I didn’t understand what she meant but soon I began to realize I was using google to find definitions of words as well as their spelling, historical facts, cultural reverences, every damn thing. I realized I wasn’t learning any of it because I know all I had to do is regoogle it.

It seems a little scary.